Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We just returned from the cabin - we've spent so much time there this summer, it felt kind of strange to know that we won't be back there for a full month. It's been a great summer, but school is in session again and fall is in the air in Hackensack, so that means it's time for our next adventure -
On Monday evening we leave for London! We have our air and train tickets & hotel and apartment reservations. Now we need to get packed and get the last minute details ironed out. I hope to update this blog every couple of days in lieu of sending emails to everyone. We'll see how that goes. Please feel free to comment or email us while we are gone.
We will be traveling with my brother Dan and his wife Mickey. My sister Laura and her husband Tom will meet us in Rome for the rest of the trip, we'll return to their apartment in Toulouse for the last few days.
Here's our basic itinerary:
9/8 - evening flight from MSP direct to London, arriving in London 9/9 at about noon.
9/11 - fly from London to Rome
9/15 - Rome to Florence via the train
9/18 - Florence to Munich by overnight train
9/19 - Munich to Garmisch by car
9/23 - drive back to Munich (Oktoberfest!!)
9/25 - drive to Primstal to visit Ottmar, my grandfather's cousin (I think?!?) then to Luxembourg
9/26 - Luxembourg to Toulouse by train
9/30 - fly from Toulouse back to MSP via Amsterdam


Laura's Blog said...

Hey Jackie

I love the blog - I may have to get some tips from you. Can't wait to see you over here!


Erik said...

Hey Jackie,
at Tom and Laura's now - you all will love the French leg of your trip! I've been in Toulouse since Monday and was in the UK last week. I'm headed for Paris tomorrow and back in the US on Saturday. Wishing you safe travels.


Angel said...

Love your blog! Look forward to updates. Have an awesome trip! You'll be missed here.


Cory said...

Heya Jackie... Great blog and a perfect way to keep everyone informed. Drink a beer for me in Munich! Loved the video of Kendall. So did Bernie. FUNNY.

Karen & Doug said...

So glad to hear you arrive safely! We are looking forward to "traveling with you" through your blog! We are pretty cool in southern MN so I don't think the rain would be much worse! Hope you adjust to the time change without too much are old and retired you know! Keep blogging! Karen & Doug