Friday, September 12, 2008

It's All in the Details!

Everyone who travels to Rome has told us - it's amazing, it's overwhelming, it's awesome. They are absolutely right! We spent today exploring the Vatican, including the museums, the Sistine Chapel, & St. Peter's Bascilia. Then we walked to Piazza Navona and the Pantheon and then walked home - and there is just WAYYYY too much to tell you about, so I'm going to highlight a few details that stand out after spending 2 days here in Rome.

The gazillion fountains here in Rome are fed through an extensive aquaduct system. The first Fountain in the series is at the Spanish Steps. Every fountain has several spigots where you can fill your water bottles - which we've done a lot! It's been HOT here -- we walk all day. If you aren't careful, you can fall in a fountain - the polizio don't care for that much!

There are marble sculptures absolutely everywhere! Many are from more than 2000 years ago - they are in various stages of disrepair, but even when they find a part of a sculpture it gets put on display somewhere.

The dome of St. Peter's is spectacular - we hope to climb the 350 steps up into the cupola tomorrow!

The Swiss Guards at the Vatican are billed as the most freocious, well trained guards in the world -- you be the judge!

Apparently, even in ancient "Roma" young boys were known to terrorize chickens and geese - does anyone else remember the picture of Dan and the chicken???

A good gelati at the end of a long day walking through Roma is terrific!

Even apartments have painted ceilings - here is our living room!

We also followed up with a great dinner at a little place around the corner! Another great day - we've got many more stories - more will follow! Don't forget to check Laura's blog too - - we're trying to alternate days, we either don't have enough time or we're too tired to keep up 2 blogs!!


Jackie, Lowell, Laura, Tom, Dan and Mickey


Diane G. said...

Hi Jakcie and Lowell, I'm glad that you guys are having fun. Reading your blog and seeing the photos makes me excited about our upcoming trip to Italy. Just in case you are wondering about school(!!??)... Beaver Lake is now functional and we are off to a decent start to the new year (of course that depends on who you talk to!). Take care!

Nancy said...

Oh, wow, you guys look like you're having a great time - the trip of a 'lifetime' and great pictures! Can't wait to see them all when you return.

Thanks for sharing.
Nancy and Steve

Scooter said...

Someone misses you!