Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Walking with Boreal Wildflowers

It's been almost 2 years since I've used the Retired Road Blog! We have certainly been traveling, but I guess Facebook was just a little easier. Decided it was time to get busy again, since we are heading to Alaska in about 2 weeks.
First though, I figured I'd better get familiar with the blogging process again, so decided to share some photos from the last week. Many of you have seen these either on FB or on Shutterfly, so you can skip the slide shows!
I took a photography workshop last week from some wonderful photographers up in Ely. We traveled up the Echo Trail, Fernberg Road, down to Lake Superior and out into the Superior National Forest near Isabella. It was a great weekend I learned lots. While I was there, Lowell did some fishing on Milles Lacs and then we met at the cabin for our last week on Birch Lake until sometime near the end of August.

This first set is almost 100 pictures. If you double click on the pictures it will take you out to the Picasa site and you can see the pictures in a larger size ☺ Enjoy!

Meanwhile, back at Birch Lake