Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Week in the Desert

We've been here in Buckeye for just over a week now, it's feeling pretty dang comfy!  We are renting a house in Del Webb's Festival.  It's an "Active Senior" community (hehe) with tons of amenities.  Going to the pool or hot tub feels like a resort in Mexico! Most of the week has been spent settling in. Bob and Lowell have done some prospecting and hiking, We've all been for walks and done a bit of geocaching in the desert around here.  We spend evenings,out on the patio, playing cards and enjoying the hot tub. The hummingbirds are here every night splashing in the fountain.  Jean and I have done some sewing and hit the Quilt Show in Phoenix as well.

This part of Buckeye sits on the north side of the White Tank Mountains.  It is literally in the desert, 12 miles to groceries, gas, etc.  17 miles to Target!!   Well, there is a gas station here in the development, and a nice restaurant at the community center as well.  Happy Hour from 3-6 Monday through Friday :-)

I'll share a few pictures, but it has been a pretty quiet week.  We'll get out and do more hiking and exploring in the next few weeks.
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Buckeye, AZ

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