Friday, February 17, 2012

Winter Road Trip 2012

For the fourth winter since our retirement, we are taking to the road to see a little more of our fair country.  This year we decided to take advantage of the mild winter weather and drive the northern route - through Denver and Utah - to visit my Dan and Mickey in San Diego. Today we drove through Denver  and the Rocky Mountains.  Considering the lack of snow in Minnesota, it was nice to see some of that white stuff, especially since the roads were dry!!
After leaving the mountains, we headed toward Moab, Utah. Instead of taking the freeway/highway route,  we traveled the scenic route on the east and south sides of Arches National Park. That road follows the Colorado River through some spectacular red rock country.  We'll spend tomorrow in Arches National Park and then probably drive toward Bryce Canyon National Park.  We hope to see Zion as well.  After some time in San Diego, we'll head to Casa Grande to catch up with friends there. 
So, here are a few images from today's drive. 

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finnbay said...

Oh my! Some great pics comin', I can tell!