Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Alaska or Bust... or maybe Walmart or Bust........

July 10 – The plan was to leave early Sunday morning, AND we actually left Oakdale by 11:00 AM  Our first day was fairly uneventful – until Jackie set off the truck alarm in the Walmart parking lot at 10:30 PM!   Who knew your couldn’t open the truck with the truck key!!????  We had plenty of food in the camper, but chose to save it for another day. KFC at noon and pizza for dinner  in the Walmart lot.  Because of the recent flooding Minot is still pretty much a disaster area, some of the displaced citizens are living in their campers in the Walmart lot.  Our waiters/waitresses all had stories to tell.  Walmart was out of ice their deli was closed because of municipal water issues.
July 11 –  Happy Anniversary Richard and Connie!  Happy Birthday Kellen!! 
This morning we opted for breakfast at Denny’s – bad idea…  NO coffee, juice in Styrofoam cups, pancakes on paper plates and plastic forks!  Well, it wasn’t bad, just different, and we left saying “Thank God it wasn’t us!” 
We left Minot about 9 AM and were in Portal, ND by noon to go through Canadian Customs.  We told them we had pepper spray (bear spray) and it was in the camper, not in the truck, so that of course initiated a search.  45 minutes later they gave the pepper spray back and we were on our way – Have a Nice Day, eh?  As we headed north we saw lots more remnants of flooding and at one point had to drive through a foot for more of water.  Lowell had the window open and Jean got wet in the back seat!  Drove through a very congested rush hour in Saskatoon at 5 PM. It was a much bigger city than any of us expected.  We pulled into Walmart in North Battleford about 7 PM, This time we even got to park in a grassy area. Burgers on the grill, some Capt & Coke, a few games of cards – and we called it a day!
July 12 – Happy Birthday Jackie (Thanks!)  Left N Battleford about 9 am and are traveling through Edmonton now. Gas prices in Canada are @ $4.50/gal. ($1.129/liter)
Hopefully we’ll find someplace with WiFi today or tonight so that we can post this.    It’s been a great trip so far, we anticipate getting almost to Dawson Creek, British Columbia, tonight.   Not sure when we’ll get to update this, Canadians are apparently not as hooked to technology as we are!!  WiFi is not easy to find. 
Well, no WiFi yet, it’s 12:29 AM (7/13) Central Daylight Time, and we are in Dawson Creek, BC, where it’s only 10:30 PM, and it isn’t even dark yet!  We traveled over 600 miles today – through lots more prairie and we are beginning to the see foothills now.  We tried to camp in a little town named Beaverlodge, but the campground was full.  We did however take a few minutes to get out pictures taken in front of the towns 15 foot beaver statue!  Then we trekked another 50 miles down the highway and landed at…Walmart in Dawson Creek!  Tomorrow we’ll try again for WiFi and a “real” campground.  Although this Walmart deal isn’t bad!

Wednesday, July 13.  We have traveled 1700+ miles so far.  We have an "iffy" connection this morning from the Days Inn across the parking lot, we'll get this posted, have some breakfast and head for the Liard Hot Springs-google it!   AHHHHHHHHHHH

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You do a great travel narative. Thanks Jackie.