Friday, February 6, 2009

This week in Texas...

..has been a busy one! In addition to quick trips around town, including the Iwo Jima Memorial here in Harlingen, we've explored a number of spots in the area. We headed to Progresso, Mexico, on Monday - it hasn't changed much since last spring! After visiting the usual colorful shops and markets, we headed to Arturo's for some margaritas and a great lunch.

Wednesday started early - the guys had 8:00 AM tickets to go bay fishing and all 4 of us had tickets for an "eco tour" - we had to be in South Padre by 7:45 AM. The winds were calm and the fishing was pretty good - they caught enough for the 6 of us to have a fish dinner last night. While the guys were fishing, Sue and I went out for breakfast, did a little shopping and walked the beach. At 11:30 we headed back to the pier and got in line for a table at Dirty Al's. The place had been recommended to us by several people - and it was busy. We got our table at about 12:10 -- just as Lowell and Larry got back from fishing. The shrimp baskets were SOOOOO good! At 1:30 we boarded another catamaran and headed into the bay to look for dolphins -- we saw lots and lots of them! They played beside and in front of the boat - we took lots of pictures as usual. Then they threw a net into the water and dragged it for about 10 minutes - the object was to pull up some of the common sea life from the area and show it to us. The first time they pulled the net in, there was nothing in it! It had gotten tangled so they threw it out again, and obviously it wasn't quite as good as we had expected! They did get a couple of blue crabs - both of whom were carrying large egg sacks. There were some small fish and a really cool, huge hermit crab in a large welk shell. It was a good day on the water!
This morning (Friday) Lowell and I went back to Laguna Atascosa, I was hoping to see a greater variety of bird by getting there early in the day. We did see more birds, but the biggest treat was the javelinas feeding at the bird feeders! These little pigs paid no attention to us - and the birds sat on their backs and ate the bugs off their backs - yuk! After we got home we loaded up Dad's Suburban and all of us went up to a little town named Port Mansfield. Well, this place is a fishing town - and not much else! We walked out on the long county pier and watched several people catch sting rays! The waters there must be absolutely filled with the buggers!!

We've had such a good week - Mom and Dad have been dragging us all over town and feeding us great meals each day! We usually get at least one walk in, and go swimming every afternoon as well. It's been fun to visit with Judy, Don, Jim and Aunt Lorraine. We are looking forward to Dan and Mickey's arrival tomorrow afternoon. The slideshow is probably a bit too long this time - sorry if it takes forever to load -- just wanted to share a few of the highlights with you.

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